Community Concerts

The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra began performances at the Simpson House Overnight Services in South Minneapolis as a part of our mission to bring great music to all in our community. On April 23, a string quartet of Joanne Opgenorth, Helen Chang Haertzen, Sifei Cheng, Katja Linfield, and flutist Wendy Williams played selections of Mozart, Gershwin, and assorted tangos for a post-dinner concert.

Outreach Performances in our Community

On June 19, our mighty Minnesota Orchestra bassoon section, John Millier, Mark Kelley, Christopher Marshall, Norbert Nielubowski, delighted the audience with selections both serious and silly. It is an honor to connect with these audiences and we look forward to more performances being planned at Simpson House in the fall.

Two of our musicians, Pam Arnstein and Kate Nettleman, the Hi-Lo String Duo, participated in Minnesota’s very first Sensory Friendly Concert, in partnership with the Musical Autist and Toneworks. The concert was geared towards and showcased young adults on the autism spectrum, with features including low volume and soft lighting. For more information about further concerts like this, please visit

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