Megan Tam

Megan Tam began her musical studies on violin at the age of three at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Thanks to the lack of young violists, she was introduced to the instrument by her teacher, Erica Davidson, at age 12 in order to form a quartet and henceforth was stuck lugging around 2 instrument cases. By her last year in high school, Megan had fully switched to viola and had concluded that her keen participation in four orchestras was proof enough that her decision to pursue a college degree in music was the right one.

During the subsequent four years as a student of Robert Vernon, she spent a great deal of time in the practice rooms of The Cleveland Institute of Music. The combination of Mr. Vernon’s excellent instruction and the immersion into such an inspiring musical environment made those 4 years a very rewarding period. Megan also spent two summers at the Taos School of Music in New Mexico, hiking, enjoying wonderful food, and intensely studying chamber music. During her last year in Cleveland, she and fellow members of the Linden Quartet won the grand prize at the Coleman Chamber Music Competition in Pasadena, CA. Megan also had the opportunity to play as a substitute musician with the Cleveland Orchestra, joining the group for its East Coast Tour and summer season at the Blossom Festival.

Megan joined the Minnesota Orchestra in 2003 and soon after arriving upgraded her Ohio learner’s permit to a real driver’s license in order to be able to fully explore the wonderful state of Minnesota (and get to work!). When not tormenting her dogs with the sound of viola, she can most often be found outside, skiing in the winter and biking or running from mosquitos in the summer.