Jean Marker De Vere

Raised in the Detroit metro area, Jean Marker De Vere grew up surrounded by music.  She and her siblings all played piano, her sister studied the cello, and her brother the bass.  Jean wanted to play the violin because she loved the dress worn by the concertmaster of the local youth orchestra.
Violin lessons began at age nine and by the time Jean was in high school, she knew she wanted to be a professional musician.  She attended numerous music festivals including Meadowmount, the Congress of Strings, Music Academy of the West, and the Spoleto Festival.

Jean graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Music and a Performer’s Certificate.  She heard about the violin opening in Minnesota while a senior; her teacher Josef Gingold suggested she take the audition.  She has been in the Orchestra for over three decades, having worked with five music directors.

Jean took a violin pedagogy workshop a few years ago at Indiana University and has developed a passion for teaching.  She has two small teaching studios, one at MacPhail and one at All Strings Attached.

Jean and her husband Bob have two sons in college, both majoring in music.  Daniel is a trombone performance major who recently graduated from Northwestern University and Brian is a Music (trumpet) and Business double major at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.